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The first thing to note is that New Zealand's seasons are opposite to that of the Northern Hemisphere. New Zealand has a temperate climate with high rainfall and lots of sunshine. Summers are lovely and hot, Spring and Autumn extremely colourful, and Winter wonderfully crisp. There is a noticeable difference in the climates of the top of the North Island, which is sub-tropical, and the bottom of the South Island, which is temperate. Overall, however, New Zealand's is a very mild climate where Summers are lovely and hot, Spring and Autumn extremely colourful, and Winter wonderfully crisp.

The summer average maximum termperature ranges between 20-30 degreesC and winter 10-15 degreesC. The warmest months are January and February and the coolest June and July. The temperature range is not as extreme as one might find in other continental climates, however weather can change unexectedly. For this reason you should be prepared for sudden changes in weather, especially if you're doing outdoor activities.

With over 2000 hours of sunshine per year and relatively little air pollution, the Ultra Violet rays in our sunlight are very strong, especially during summer. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats are highly recommended when you are in the sunlight.

With an average rainfall of between 600mm and 1500mm, New Zealand is an ideal country for agriculture and horticulture. This high rainfall also produces remarkable native forests.

Regional daily maximum/minimum temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit

(Sep, Oct, Nov)
(Dec, Jan, Feb)
(Mar, Apr, May)
(Jun, Jul, Aug)
Bay of Islands 19ºC / 9ºC 25ºC / 14ºC 21ºC / 11ºC 16ºC / 7ºC
67ºF / 48ºF 76ºF / 56ºF 70ºF / 52ºF 61ºF / 45ºF
Auckland 18ºC / 11ºC 24ºC / 12ºC 20ºC / 13ºC 15ºC / 9ºC
65ºF / 52ºF 75ºF / 54ºF 68ºF / 55ºF 59ºF / 48ºF
Rotorua 17ºC / 7ºC 24ºC / 12ºC 18ºC / 9ºC 13ºC / 4ºC
63ºF / 45ºF 75ºF / 54ºF 65ºF / 48ºF 55ºF / 39ºF
Wellington 15ºC / 9ºC 20ºC / 13ºC 17ºC / 11ºC 12ºC / 6ºC
59ºF / 48ºF 68ºF / 55ºF 63ºF / 52ºF 54ºF / 43ºF
Christchurch 17ºC / 7ºC 22ºC / 12ºC 18ºC / 8ºC 12ºC / 3ºC
63ºF / 45ºF 72ºF / 54ºF 65ºF / 46ºF 54ºF / 37ºF
Queenstown 16ºC / 5ºC 22ºC / 10ºC 16ºC / 6ºC 10ºC / 1ºC
61ºF / 41ºF 72ºF / 50ºF 61ºF / 43ºF 50ºF / 34ºF


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