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Kauri ForestNew Zealand's pure natural environment is a major attraction to visitors from other countries. With its stunning variety of landscapes, environments and ecosystems, New Zealand is a paradise for nature lovers. The variety of landscape varies with spectacular geothermal and volcanic activity, alpine glaciers, fiords, rolling green farmland, huge mountain ranges, long sandy beaches and unique wildlife.

For over 100 million years, New Zealand's separation from other land masses has allowed many plants and animals to evolve. However, after only 1000 years of human settlement it has lost many native species. But in recent times gains have been made to protect and enhance what is left and in total, around 30% of New Zealand's land area is protected conservation land. You will find an abundance of native plants, found nowhere else in the world except New Zealand. The giant kauri tree is among the largest trees in the world and is now restricted to relatively small forests in Northland and the Coromandel Peninsula.

kiwi bird Research and management programmes have been introduced to aid in the recovery of rare and endanged wildlife species. New Zealand is home to unique flightless birds, the world's heaviest insect and a living dinosaur. Perhaps the best known is New Zealand's unofficial national symbol the kiwi. Also flightless are the weka and the endangered kakapo, which is the world's largest parrot. Another unique bird is the inquisitive kea which is renowned for its cheeky personality and fearlessness of humans.

New Zealand welcomes everyone to experience and discover its unique and precious natural heritage. We only ask that you make as little impact as possible, so future generations may also enjoy it all. 

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