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NZ's Native Birds - New Zealand

New Zealand has a wide variety of native birds, many of which are not anywhere else in the world. The most commonly known is the kiwi, as it has become a symbol of the people, and an icon across the world. It is flightless bird, that keeps a nocturnal lifestyle. You will find it difficult to see them in the wild so the best way to catch a glimpse is to go to a wildlife park or zoo.

Other birds you might come across on your visit to New Zealand include:

The worlds only flightless parrot - the Kakapo. The Kakapo is a ground owl who glides from tree to tree but often miscalculates the distance and falls. They are vegetarian in habit. 
Kakapo, native birds of New Zealand Kea
The kea, an inquisitive mountain bird found in the South Islands Alpine region.  Beware the are playful and mischievous and will happily get their beaks around anything they come across including windscreen wipers or bags.
Kea, native New Zealand bird
Yellow eyed penguin, New Zealand native birds

The Hoiho (yellow eyed penguin), is one of the worlds rarest penguins and can be found in coastal regions on the South East of the South Island. 

Wood Pidgeon, native NZ birds

Wood Pidgeon
The wood pidgeon, a large greyish green bird in most lowland forested areas of New Zealand

The tui, recognised by a white tuft under their throat and their metallic blue green colour
Tui, NZ's native bird Fantail
The fantail, exactly as described has a tail that fans out.  You will often see these birds as you walk through bush areas, as the flit around you to catch the bugs you disturb.
Fantail, native bird of New Zealand
Pukeko, NZ native birds Pukeko
The pukeko, a rather common bird, seen around swamp areas, and roadsides. It is a brilliant indigo blue, with orange-red legs and bill and a white undertail.
Brown Kiwi, New Zealand's birds Kiwi
The Kiwi, a New Zealand icon. This flightless bird sleeps by day and you can hear it call in the bush at night. The best palce to see these birds is at a zoo or wildlife park.
The Kakī, or black stilts, are a native wading bird with completely black plumage and long red legs. Unique to New Zealand, they are regarded by Maori as a taonga species (living treasure). 
Kaki, NZ's native birds Kakariki
The Kakariki is undoubtedly New Zealand's most well known parrot especially in captivity. They have distinctive calls which sound like "ki-ki-ki" and spend a lot of the day chattering to each other 
Kakariki, New Zealand birds
Blue duck, NZ's native bird Blue Duck
The highly endagered Blue Duck is not only unique to New Zealand but also unique among other waterfowl. It appears unrelated to any duck elsewhere in the world and many of its habits are peculiar to the species.
Gannets, New Zealand sea birds Gannets
Gannets usually mate for life and if you visit a gannetry you will see impressive greeting ceremonies and solo dances amongst many other mating rituals

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