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NZ's Native Trees & Plants - New Zealand

New Zealand has a combination of lush rain forests to alpine tussock and beech forests. Around 80% of the plants and trees in NZ are found only here, giving you an exciting array to discover during your visit. These areas of native bush are a crucial part of preserving the native birdlife found in them, and you will find many national parks and reserves to enjoy these wonders. 

Some of the trees and plants you are likely to discover are:

  • Kauri, found in the far north and rate as some of the largest trees on earth.   
  • Kowhai, which attracts the tuis and has brilliant yellow flowers. 
  • Pohutakawa, a coastal tree that flowers around Christmas time found mainly on the North Island.
  • Nikau Palm, new zealand only native palm tree
  • Lupins. found on the lower valley floors of the Mt Cook Region
  • Mount Cook Lily, a giant mountain buttercup

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